Transfiguration 2021/2022 – Biennial International – Paper Fibre Art – NTCRI Taiwan

This year, I co-curated the exhibition “Change”, which is part of the International Biennial Paper Fibre Art event, hosted by the NTCRI in Taiwan and organised in partnership with the French association Chaîne de Papier.

The biennial presents two exhibitions:

Kozo Contemporary, Reflecting the soul and spirit of the maker – This exhibition celebrates kozo, an extraordinary versatile fibre, still used today for traditional papermaking in Taiwan.

Change, Textured landscapes in the Anthropocene – This exhibition showcases a wonderful range of paper and fibre artworks created by artists in response to the environmental crisis and climate change.

Carolyn Sheedy Mazzucca – Edifice remaining

Here is a link to a short film presenting the event:


You can also have a look at the NTCRI FACEBOOK page to see more –

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